Saturday, July 27, 2013

Racing - Day 4: The last day

Today was the last day of the Irish Nationals.  We couldn't quite tell what the weather was going to do today, so we put all of our gear on before we went out to race.  Once we got out we realized it was getting fairly hot and after the first race needed to take off our jackets and boots.

With not-too-heavy winds and the sun shining, we had our best race so far. We placed 32nd in the first race, and were quite happy with the result, since it was such an improvement over the other races we had sailed. The second race was back to the usual, but it was such a beautiful day, it was hard to be disappointed. Despite a great start, we had some difficulty with other boats grouping together and essentially stopping dead in the water. Something for us to work on is avoiding these types of situations. Dad was still close by, but we managed to keep our small lead over him. Our goal is to try to have more races like the first one today, since we now know this is possible.

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  1. I have been following your adventures and am proud of your representation of Canada. It must really be difficult sailing a strange boat in conditions that you are not used to. It is hard to imagine being on the starting line with 67 other boats.

    We look forward to your participating in the World Championships. Good luck.