Saturday, July 27, 2013

Racing - Day 3

This day really showed us how variable the weather can be here. We started with a nice amount of wind, some clouds, a bit of rain, but generally not too bad. By the end of the first race, the wind started to pick up. The second race started with a general recall, since even with luffing sails, many of the boats were having a hard time staying below the starting line. They tried starting the race a few more times, but with only a couple of minutes to go before the start, they would postpone the race. As this continued, the wind was getting stronger. I don't know how these kids do it, but even Brandon and I were having difficulty hiking out enough to keep our boat flat. Eventually, they told us all to head in, which was a pretty wild ride. A number of boats capsized as they tried to head back to the yacht club, and a few more were being towed by their coach boats. Not long after we got in, it started to pour. Looking outside, it appeared to be raining sideways because of the strong winds. After an hour wait (at 3pm), they decided to run another race, this time only including the silver and gold fleets, meaning that we had the afternoon off. We are definitely hoping we don't have another day like this one again.

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