Saturday, July 27, 2013

Racing Day 2

The first race was the I2 course, followed by I3.  The first race was delayed while they waited for the wind to die down, with false starts when it did get going. It was fairly windy in this race, with gusts up to 10 knots with periods of rain.  The second race had shifty winds from the east, with again, more false starts. 

The luggage still hasn't arrived, which has Don and Steph's wet suits.  I'm sure they would have really liked to have those today.  I'm definitely glad I had mine.  

Steph and I seem to be getting better.  We're figuring out how to roll tack, and we're figuring out how to work together.  The boat we're sailing is a fiberglass boat, which has fairly different rigging than what we're used to.  I really like the spinnaker rig.  I can take it up and down very quickly by myself, whereas in the boat I'm used to sailing it would take a lot longer and would require both people on the boat to help out.  

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