Saturday, July 27, 2013

Racing - Day 1

The first course we sailed was I2 followed by I3. The weather was hot, with light winds from the East. As usual, there were plenty of wind shifts throughout the race. Dad spent most of the first day getting to know his crew, Jennifer, who is ten. Myself and Brandon we also getting accustomed to sailing with each other, since we had never sailed together prior to this week. The day was also the first day of sorting out the little problems with our boats. The daggerboard in Dad's boat seems to be slightly warped, and therefore vibrates when he picks up speed. He is finding that because of this, they end up beating about 50 below the other boats.

Starts are quite different than we are used to; trying to start among almost 70 boats is much more difficult than starting with 10 or so. It's almost guaranteed that there will be 1 or more general recalls when trying to start a race. Something we will certainly work on throughout the week.

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